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Tips for Hallway Transformation
Given the large spaces they have, hallways can feel a bit drab. The reason is that most of the people do not have much of an idea regarding what to do with this large space. nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that hallways is just as important as other areas of your home because this is the space which connects rooms of the house.

Making your hallways special may seem an exhaustive task, but you can do it with ease if you do it smartly. A few things that you can do in this regard are as under.
A Colorful Rug
Placing a rug in the area can make the space look bigger and wider. This addition tends to make the space pretty interesting. The pop of color created through this addition can transform the space almost immediately. If you cannot find a long enough rug which could run through the length of the hallways, you can consider placing several rugs in the area.
Wall Gallery
To make the place even more interesting, hang some photos on the walls of the hallway. Family photos and the photos of family events would describe your family to the visitors.
Wood paneling
Since a hallway is the area of bigger traffic in any home, you would want to cover the walls with a barrier. For this purpose, you can cover the walls with wood panels. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that wood panels are not quite cheaper. But, there is an alternate in form of faux wood panels.
Take advantage of the width
If your hallway is wider, you have got plenty of options to make the place pretty interesting. You can add cabinets to store linens. You can also display additional photos and artworks.
Pendant lighting
Hallways do not usually get light from natural sources. So, it is important to add artificial lighting arrangements. Instead of adding traditional lighting, you can consider adding pendant lights in the area.
Faux wall paneling
When it comes to designing the walls of the hallway, nothing can be as attractive as stone and brick panels because natural texture of these surfaces can really do wonders in the world of decoration. However, there are some problems with the real stones and bricks as they are highly expensive and they require extensive labor work to get installed on the walls. Furthermore, the upkeep of those materials is also quite difficult. Luckily, there are some alternatives which you can consider if you are fan of stone and brick panels but you find it difficult to afford them. You can get faux walls panels which are textured and colored to look like real stones and bricks on the walls.