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MP3 Player mock branding tutorial
Masterclass Branding Challenge / Advanced Photoshop Issue 73

I was challange with Krzysiek Domaradzki ( to create branding tutorial.
Editors from Advanced Photoshop provide us brief, target group discription, few keywords and vector illustration of MP3 player.

Supplying the image of an mp3 Player as your starting point, this brief requires you to reflect the quality of the product and its intended user group. In this case we want you to focus on the product as an inspirational resource - as in music inspires artists to excel their creative potentials and generate ideas.

Mp3 players are for music lovers on the go, they are accessible at all times, they can hold a high amount of files, and they are discrete and very trendy with a minimalist design. This minimalist design contrasts the powerful technology and capacity of these devices. They have display screen graphics for decorative and operational purposes, plus aesthetic LED lighting.

Nowadaysbranding needs to face new challenges. The form, esthetics, technics,even functions of logos and identities are going to evolve almostevery day. We need new visual inspirations, solutions and use thoselogos in more open-ended way. Corporate Identity should be likeorganic mechanism which would naturally adapt to required media.

Creationof new brand is challenging and requires high skills of communicationanalysis and precise graphic synthesis ability as well. This is fieldwhere youre not suppose to use any extra effects just to improveesthetics - it needs to have predestination.

Iwanted to show you how to develop pragmatic, useful and editable IDconcept. We will search for graphic elements which would be able totransform and distort in a way we want to. Brief gives as challengeto brand MP3 Player thus our job is to wear this product intothe finest appearance and arm it with the best values.
I hope thatmy competitor had so much fun as I had;)

// Define the brand. I use my nickname as a inspiration.
// Branding concept
// Final image