Absolut Flames - One Source Malawi
For this project the brief required the conceptualization of a social media marketing strategy for a hypothetical Absolut One Source festival that will be held in a Pan-African country of our choice. It required the creation of three social media advertisements. a strategy document that explains the campaign in depth and five one page wordpress websites that will promote this festival, as well as showcasing one of the Pan-African One Source artists who work as influencers for Absolut. 

The Pan-African country that we selected for this project is Malawi. Malawi is a very poor country, with over 85% of its population living in rural areas, which means that very few people in the country will be able to afford a luxury brand like Absolut. Additionally most people prefer to drink cheap, locally brewed beer, so the market for vodka is virtually non-existent. From this it can be extrapolated that the main return from holding a festival in Malawi would be brand awareness, as well as the possibly of the creation of a market for Absolut among the 10% of the country's population that can afford it. We decided to do this by creating a once in a lifetime experience through the One Source festival that would leave a lasting impression of the brand on the people who attend it. 
The event
The festival itself will be a two day festival held over New Years on the shores of Lake Malawi, the country's most iconic and beloved venue. During the day a fashion show will be hosted by fashion designer Trevor Stuurman and Fabrice Monteiro will host a live sculpture creation event. At night there will be performances from Khuli Chana and Sho Madjozi based around a dance floor that generates electricity, which will be used to help power the villages in the immediate vicinity after the festival has ended. 
The aesthetic
The word Malawi means flames in the native language of Malawi, so flames became an integral part of the design, as they helped to relate the campaign to the country itself. Additionally the aesthetic incorporated clean, western styled geometric shapes and a modern, technological look that was appropriated from the South African One Source campaign created by VML Native. Malawians like western culture so much that the Malawian government forces them to wear traditional clothing every Friday to prevent their culture from being lost and forgotten, so it is expected that they will respond well to this. Additionally African pattern work was incorporated into the design to give it a bit more of an African feel. 

Some examples of the campaign aesthetic
The colour choices:

Purple: Purple is a colour often associated with rich, luxurious products and gives the design an air of prestige which will help to sell the idea that the festival will be an awesome unforgettable experience to the people viewing our advertisements.The dark purple also looks similar to the dark blues used in the South African One Source festival, carrying across the overall feel of the One Source campaign.

Off white: Off whites are used as they contrast well with the dark purples in the design without being too bright, making it ideal for our text elements. It is also a very good background colour for web design where too bright of a white can hurt the users eyes and is used extensively in our websites.

Orange: Oranges contrast nicely with the purples used in the design and serve the purpose of brightening up the aesthetic of the design considerably. They are also good accent colours that make the design pop. 
The web pages
The sites were all made from one template, in order to ensure that they carried a single unified aesthetic were made in the same free word press template. (One Press).Additionally they were designed mobile first, as many more people own smart phones than computers in Malawi.

The basic structure of the sites is as follows: 

1. A hero Image + a nudge "Purchase ticket" button are positioned right at the top of the website. This was done in order to capture the user's attention with the hero image and nudge them towards buying a ticket.

2. A paragraph which introduces the overall campaign and it's goals to the user. This helps to contextualise the festival and will give the user a better understanding of what is happening and why.

3. The artist's information, in order to get the user interested in the artist, which will motivate them to attend the festival in order to see the artist live. This is followed up with examples of the artist's work to give the user an idea of what to expect.
4. A section that showcases the other One Source artists. This will allow the user to browse through all the artists participating in the festival.

5. A section containing information about the event itself.

6. A purchase ticket form. If the user has read down this far they are likely to want to purchase a ticket, so the form is put directly onto this page as opposed to being on another one and linked in.

7. After the form there will be a section to view the radio podcasts and TV footage of the One Source artists and local Malawian personalities from our traditional media advertising.
Social Media marking strategy
How the strategies will run together
Hosting a brilliant event will not do much good for the brand if no one knows about it. This is where the marketing strategy comes in. The marketing strategy will slowly build up hype for the festival, starting two months before it is held. First the website will be launched and teaser images will be posted on social media, with specific focus on Facebook as it is the most popular social media used in Malawi.

As the date of the event draws closer posts will be put up more frequently on Facebook and Twitter and more revenue will be put into the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ads, in order to assure that they will be viewed more often. This wasn't done from the start as not to overwhelm the audience with a massive number of ads right from the get go, as this could irritate them and make them less likely to attend the festival. Due to Malawians mostly using feature phones and having somewhat limited access to the internet and social media, the event will also be advertised through more traditional media like the radio and TV. The five Absolut artists will appear on either TV (Osborne, Fabrice and Trevor) or on the radio (Khuli and Sho) in order to introduce them to the target audience and try to get them interested in the artists. This will be done in order to encourage Malawians to attend the festival to see the artists. The artists will also be advertised through the social media accounts of the radio host Joy Nathu and the TV host Blakjak before they appear on their shows, in order to try and use the existing followings of these influencers to maximize their exposure. Advertising through traditional media is expensive, so these advertisements will begin running later than the relatively cheap social media campaigns, with the radio broadcasts starting a month before the event and the TV shows starting three weeks before the event. 
Some examples of what the social media post would look like
The strategy document
The design of the strategy document is simplistic and clean, in accordance with the aesthetic of the Absolut brand and styling. It made use of colour blocking, which is prevalent throughout throughout the deliverables, especially the website. The shapes used in the design were done in a low opacity so as not to make the visual weight of the design too heavy. The solid shapes are contrasted with darker shapes that only have a fill and no stroke. The design is very image heavy to with little text to avoid boring the reader.
Absolut Flames

Absolut Flames

A hypothetical follow up campaign to the South African Absolut One Source campaign, that will be hosted in Malawi, titled "Absolut Flames".


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