VANSA Gauteng
Visual Arts Network of South Africa 

Art Direction
Concept Development
Identity Development, logo Re-Design
User Interface Design
Web Site Design

Update VANSAs previous identity into a more contemporary and creative space. VANSA is a non-profit organisation who provide the platform for various artists from assorted disciplines to interact as well as helping these artists find work in a variety of sectors. VANSA consists of VANSA National, VANSA Gauteng and VANSA Western Cape.

The new identity was to be showcased at the Joburg Art Fair 2010.

VANSA is the hub for artists, helping to foster innovation and create things of enduring value through art. Through our exploration we discovered many of the values and attributes of VANSA are inherent to that of a creator archetype. 

 In creating a unique icon inherent to the values of the brand, we focused on using positive and negative spaces to create a solid structure. The icon represents a sub-culture of artists, who are united through the VANSA network and is depicted in a style synonymous with the contemporary arts.

VANSA operates in three main sectors, VANSA National, VANSA Gauteng and VANSA Western Cape. The logo mark allows for all three sectors to maintain a unified identity.