Our task was to create advertising banners for each of Waves Platform products. We examined the banners already created by the client and it became clear to us that they do not differ much from most of what competitors do.

Isometry are now used overall in design made by companies working with blockchain. We should abandon it to stand out from the competition.
The purpose of creating banners is to increase the awareness of the target audience about the brand and its products:
From the data provided by clients, based on site statistics as well as from the research of competitor’s web sites we have learned, that the current and potential audience can be divided into 3 groups: ordinary users, business and developers.
We have compiled a list of platforms and projects of competitors and studied their websites and posts on social networks: what things these companies pay attention to in their advertising and how they deliver their messages to the audience.

Basically, companies use quite primitive graphics for their advertising. Most of them advertise functionality and features, the interface of their products, as well as various mentions in the press and participation in profile events and events. Below are the examples of banners:
Based on the data obtained during the research and the materials provided by the client, we have prepared our solution and came up with several visual images to test the idea and collect the feedback.

We have come to a decision to continue to develop the current branding with blocks, but abandon abstract geometry and isometry in the visual component.
In our concepts, we tried to reflect, through visual images and allusions, the four main Waves products for each of the target audiences. We can easily change the meaning of the banner depending on the context.
For example: Hurricane Katrina took many lives, but the tornado perfectly delivers a message about the high speed of the blockchain, so using copywriting, we can send several messages through one conception.
In the process of creatives creation we simultaneously thought over their implementation in the context of the Waves brand. according to already created banners and messages, developing already existing ideas.
Banner advertises Waves Decentralized Exchange. The image of the person lying on the sofa in the room is used. Around him fly the wives of Waves, as well as various mathematical formulas. This example advertises the trade, but this concept can be used to advertise other products Waves (Wallet, Blockchain, Client in general, and so on), simply changing the main message. The banner has a static and animated version.
The banner advertises Waves Token Launcher. A photo of an astronaut in the open space against the background of the planet Earth is used. Around it revolves the wives of Waves. In this example, Token Launcher is advertised, but this concept can be used to advertise other Waves products (Wallet, Blockchain, Client in general, and so on), simply changing the main message. The banner has a static and animated version.
We have developed fully 3D branded graphics for banners. In this example, we compare the speed of the fighter's flight and the speed of the Waves blockade. To the fighter are mounted combat charges with branded Waves blocks, which can be replaced by Waves coins or other assets.
We also created a tutorial video for the Waves community on Facebook. The task is to convey to the audience several important safety rules to work with Waves Client. 

We conducted a study of the specifics of placing video on Facebook in order to to take into consideration maximum possible number of factors affecting the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.
We divided all banners into two types: image ads that promote the Waves brand as a whole, and marketing ones that promote the necessary products and messages:
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