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    A few days cycling in cold weather at high altitudes in Kyrgyzstan
"There was an abandoned shack where I could hide from the wind and snow to change my clothing. During a descent it’s a lot colder due to the higher speed and the reduced physical effort. I was happy I bought a snow jacket a couple of weeks ago. I exchanged
all my clothes for dry ones. Outside everything was white, even the sky. It snowed so hard I couldn’t see beyond 100 meters. I had to put on sunglasses to keep the snow from going into my eyes. It was just below zero degrees, which made the snow sticky and watery. The dérailleur* of my bike got obstructed. Everything got covered in ice while I descended at 40 km/h. I had to stop several times to clean the dérailleur, change gears manually, and get the snow out of my face because I couldn’t see a thing. My shoes had gotten all wet and my toes were freezing. After 20 km there were a few houses and a restaurant, which I reached using the last gear that still worked, as most parts of my bike were frozen solid with ice and snow."

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