The Loneliest Road Through Iran
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    1000 km by bicycle through the desert of Iran
"The imperceptible, smooth sound of a perfectly oiled bike rolling over brand new tarmac in the heat of the desert with the wind from behind. The light hum of the tires reading the road. A steady 30 km/h. Two bottles of yakh (ice) on the top of my backpack provide me with ice-cold water for the next two hours. After that, the temperature reaches around 40°C. I’m happy to be back on the road. I left Tehran for the serenity and nothingness of the desert and that is exactly what I find here. I continue eastward to Mashhad, the last city I'll visit in Iran."

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The ride is uneventful. Plain land as far as the
eye can see. Black gravel fields alternate with
brown, rocky surfaces. But the nights are magical,
bringing the brightest stars I’ve ever seen.