Boero Lamp
design Natale Li Vecchi
Boero is a self-produced lamp.
Boero Lamp takes shape and inspiration from an object of peasant nature, a container of water for hens; the use of the name Boero derives from the Dutch Boer which means peasant.
The particular shape of the object, and specifically the application of the handle to the opposite of the empty side, made the whole element particularly functional, for these reasons the use of these particular capacities of which the same object is supplied,
they allowed the realization of an essential lamp, but at the same time particularly effective and functional.

Thanks to the presence of two particular elements, a 180 ° rotating handle and a 300 cm cotton and linen electric cable, the Boero Lamp can be easily positioned almost anywhere you want to obtain an ideal atmosphere lighting.
The shapes are essentially those of two truncated-cone elements of different geometry, positioned one on top of the other, which avoid giving Boero a single and only constructive shape.
Simplicity of materials and constituent elements make Boero a lamp that goes far beyond essentiality, thus achieving excellent values ​​of elegance and spendability in different types of environments both on the table and on the ground, also considering the dimensions.
Featured at Source Self-Made Design, International Self-Produced Design Exhibition 4th edition - Firenze
Technical Information
Lamp - Biodegradable PLA
Cable - Cotton and Linen

Bulb - E27 LED light
- Ø25 x h35 cm (h29,5 cm with handle down)
Available in white colour
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