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    A sticker pack for Facebook featuring ironic and decadent humor about December holidays
Sticker pack for Facebook

Facebook contacted me to make a sticker pack that ironically joked about all the things that we don't like about the December holidays in an idealized Pop Art aesthetics. It's supposed to be a little bit endearing and pretty decadent. We had a lot of fun with it. I also threw in a few internet memes that were very relevant at the time (being our contemporary form of pop art), see if you can spot them.

The biggest challenge of the project was how to represent very complex concepts with only a little graphic space. Many sticker concepts were demanded by Facebook, and they helped out suggesting new ones or commenting on the development. Some were represented as they came, some I invented myself, some evolved during the creation process, and some got discarded or merged together. Here are some examples:
If you like it, you can actually download and use this 20 sticker pack yourself on Facebook!