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Genius Examples of Packaging Designs
A package is as good as its design. You need an excellent design, not only for added aesthetics but also for branding purposes. Did you know there are more than a dozen packaging ideas you can capitalize on?

One perfect example is that of an earth-friendly protective egg packaging. The package, small as it is, helps you handle your eggs with the most ease. Every box holds a total of eggs and holds every element in a designated compartment. Therefore, such a package is a God-sent as it protects your eggs from breaking during transport.
The essence of Packaging Supplies is to save space. Recall, space is more of a luxury that we can hardly afford. That said, you need a unique design to accommodate your take-on-the-go juice refreshments’. Luckily, adorable juice boxes that fit together happen to be a turn-on.

Painting is an art, one that should not only inspire others but also you. Painting is also a hard task that takes a lot of your time and energy to execute. Since you and your paintbrush get set to spend some long quality time together, you need a piece that brings the best out of you. The paintbeard is the perfect piece for you.

Who does not like his bread buttered? Funny as it seems, butter happens to be one of the greatest inventions ever. You must agree that margarine manufacturers all over the world have tried using different packages, some that proved to be a success while others have failed miserably. The butter with a built-in spreader as the lid, however, is the next big thing. It is a superb package that does not compel you to go looking for a butter knife.

It is relatable to say that a significant majority of you have tried to get the very last ounce of toothpaste from your tube. Sometimes, you are too lazy to go shopping or money problems force you to the unexpected. The best way you can ensure that you suck all the life from the tube is by using a piece that allows you tear the rear end open
How much inorganic waste have you contributed ever since you made your transition to planet earth? Saying tonnes of inorganic trash is more of an understatement. Recall, we at times use plastic packages that we hardly need especially for takeouts. Fortunately, designers have come with an ingenious solution that encourages compartmentalized fast food packaging that minimized the amount of plastic used at a go.

Wow, I can never survive without a glass or two of wine. Are you aware that there is a wine bottle packaging that holds two drinking glasses? So spectacular is the design that you do not have to worry about the shuttering the pieces. All three elements are part of a jigsaw and so they fit perfectly.

How do you like your coffee? Do you love it when it is sweet or bitter? Individuals fascinated with coffee will definitely fall in love with the spoon that dispenses creamer to your mug. All you have to do is to squeeze and stir and gobble that beverage like it is the end of the world.

Indeed, there more than a dozen packaging designs you can take advantage of. Remember, you are the limiting factor to your own imagination and that is why it is vital that you think out of the box.