[001] Freelancer realities and worries. / 프리랜서의 현실
Freelancer realities and worries.
Hi, long time no see. I drew a simple cartoon. 
After graduating from college, I prepared for a job for over a year and became a freelancer.
At that time, I continued to paint because I had time to spare. 
And I kept uploading them to the web portfolio and many people liked them!
Since then, I had many grateful opportunities such as interviews and outsourcing.  
That's how I became a freelance illustrator. 
So I'm currently working on drawing on weekdays and working at a cafe on weekends.  
But for a long time, I've been thinking carefully about what I really want to do, The subject of this cartoon is also about this. 
This is the ideal and reality I thought.  
The reality I've experienced has been physically and mentally exhausting. 
Too many amendments and the pressures of deadlines have worn me out.    
Are you curious to know if i can get the paid for working so hard? 
No ... Yet many people's perceptions do not seem to recognize painting as a legitimate labor force. 
I'm definitely doing what I like, why am I not happy? Why am I no longer amused by creation? 
I'm getting the feeling that the color and orientation of my paintings are getting blurred. 
(proverb : Too many cooks spoil the broth.)
Maybe this artworks too... 
Anyway, I have a lot to say, but I'm back to reality. 
I have to go finish the work now... 
I think I should take some time to relax after this work ... 
I'll be back with a better artwork, thank you all very much!

I really appreciate many people who always reply comment on my artwork. 
Each of those opinions is empowering me to become a better creator. 
I can't express my gratitude in a few words, but thank you all very much!
I will try hard :)
our own night
[001] Freelancer realities and worries. / 프리랜서의 현실