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    The concept of educational applications for the Russian school was developed as part of the graduation project
The concept of educational applications for the Russian school was developed as part of the graduation project. It was made in Moscow State Academy of Applied Arts named by S.G. Stroganov in 2012.
Purpose: To establish a basic structure of the educational applications, on the basis of which it can further study the detailed aspects. The project includes a basic layout application screens and typical layout of the textbook section on geography. 
Creating a graphic language had the following objectives:
1. Make art and quality design
2. Graphic language must be different from the interface of Apple products
What is the modern science and how it contacts to education? This is a general knowledge of mankind, accumulated and reinterpreted, it's a cultural baggage. We learn in school to learn from their ancestors, to master the acquired knowledge of previous generations.
Thus was established graphical language, the basis of which is the oldest book editions, maps and atlases. This graphic language related to the aesthetics of adventure novels of Jules Verne, travel, that is all that can capture and interest of any child.
The style is made to moderate retro contemporary styling, the interface elements are designed to deliberately-plane style. For graphic was based on beige background paragraphs textbook, texture paper for some application screens, discharged serif uppercase headset, box frame style, some illustrations (engravings). 
During the design scheme was created applications that I can clearly trace its structure.
Below is a video clip that illustrates how the application can run
Boot screen applications
When the application loads you can see the screen with illustration and report about any subject. The concept of the boot screen is the following: student reads definite statement (interesting fact) and remembers it. At the end of the week or the month, at the discretion of teachers, students may
take some exams.
List of items
Next is a screen with a list of items. Each subject belongs to a color that is used to improve the identification and is involved in the further sections layout tutorial. Each subject has its own set of objects belonging to it: textbooks, notebooks, games, maps, methodical literature, etc. Thus the student can immediately jump right in favor of his education as well. At the top of the screen is a menu bar, where students can find all there is in this application.
Day schedule
Display the list of items associated with the horizontal scrolling screen schedule (scroll left). There are following sections in this screen: "Schedule for the day", "Schedule for the week", "Subject", "Progress." In the "Schedule for the day" you can get complete information about homework, events and today’s progress, which the subject is at the time.
Schedule for the week
In the "Schedule for a week" can be traced all the events of the week, calendar items and weekly progress. Pressing the estimate can find detailed information about why this estimate was obtained.
Information about an item
In the "Subject" you can get information on any subject: what the teacher teaches the subject, room number, where you study, all the events in the past and the following days.
A quarter performance
This section allows you to trace the quarter-progress, and in the column "Total" is automatically calculated average number of received student evaluations. That’s why the student always has a complete picture of its performance.
Personal student's page
After horizontal scrolling left student gets on the screen of the personal page, where the following school news are displayed by default. At the same time it is possible to filter the tape news: group, school-wide, all the news. Also the personal profile based on all the trappings of social networks: messages, photos, audio, video, group, friends. This screen has been designed to improve communication between students and teachers.
Boot screen textbook on Geography
After loading, when first viewing a textbook, the screen contents four sections. Then student seeks paragraph in the section. Once he finds it, and touching the name of the section, a horizontal menu displayed textbook preview screens on which the student can select a specific screen. When any screen loaded the student goes directly into the section itself.
Section of the pen
Paragraph flipping for horizontal scrolling, horizontal layouts are basic. But if the student will need a text-only with a minimum of illustrations, he can turn the Ipad, and vertical grid focused on the text, not the pictures. In this position paragraphs scroll ribbon. At the end of many sections offered to do a little testing, after the passage of which the student can proceed to the study of the next section.
Outline maps
"Trends of the Oceans"
After the task is chosen, the screen with a map on which the student clicks on the lower menu on any of the oceans, in the case of the Indian. After this he can see movie about the currents. Then he sees the task he needs to perform. In this the student has a choice - see the movie again, if something is not clear or does not remember or start to complete the task. When completing the task appears palette in which the student chooses the right course and he holds his finger on the spot of the ocean, where, in his opinion, it is within. After the assignment the student presses the "Done!" in the palette and the application calculates the percentage getting painted with the currents flow in the video.
List of games & Game "Guess the flag"
If a student wanted to go to the games section, he can go into it using the sidebar or clicking on the screen with subjects and even from this screen click on the icon with the games and get to the screen with the list of games. On the screen list of games student chooses the game he needed by horizontal scrolling preview games.