“If more of the city survived it would haunt you less, but the imagination is left to dream, and the dream for some becomes palpable, sensual and ‘real’
The city half-imagined (yet wholly real), begins and ends in us, roots lodged in our memory”

Lawrence Durrell - Balthazar (1958), second part of the Alexandria Quartet

Durrell's quote sums up the idea behind the series, it's an attempt to discover and illustrate the dichotomy and contradictions of Alexandria. The melange of different cultures, lifestyles and eras.
One might also regard it as a way of materializing or deconstructing the magical image we have of the city by lining up our version of city vs what it actually is.
It's meant to be viewed as a series documenting our morning walks in the old downtown of the magical city and not (the typical) artistic/postcard shots of the city.


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