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In restaurants and bars, taking tables' orders has been done manually for ages, wasting a lot of time in the process and often getting the wrong order. With the increasing use of mobile devices, a better solution had to be found.

A mobile app that helps waters keeping better track of orders and tabs, tables availability, returning customers, staff's schedules, and that has a built in payment system for minimum waiting time.

Waiters are provided with an iPod Touch, and the app, that they will carry around with them at all times.
From the "Tables" tab they can view all of the tables' availability and status on a map (ordered, delivered, waiting, free, etc.).
Taking orders and adding items is only a few taps away, the order is then fired directly to the kitchen through wi-fi.
Returning customers are listed in a separate tab to keep track of their previous orders and taste preferences.
Staff's shifts start when they log in and end once they logout, making it easy for managers to deal with.
An iPad version of the app is installed on an iPad that replaces the traditional unit at the counter.
Making a better use of technology, waiters can spend less time with logistics and more time taking care of their customers leaving them more satisfied and with a better experience.
View details here: www.murid.me/spork.html