Various Digital Illustrations

Here is a collection of some of my older digital illustrations from class work and side projects.
"The Sniggles"
Adobe Illustrator

This was a character concept for illustrating a children's book. The project didn't end up happening but I still liked this chubby fella.
"Buffalo Shiokara"
Adobe Illustrator

This was for a class project in which we were suppose to make a poster or advertisement for some sort of fictional fusion cuisine. I enjoyed going a little over the top with the goofy factor on this one.
"T-Rex and Monkey"
Ink drawings live traced in Illustrator

These two outline drawings were used as part of a coloring sheet that I did for a non-profit group to advertise for a family movie night they were hosting. The movie was going to be Night at the Museum so I wanted to take some of the characters the kids would find most memorable and make stylized illustrations for them to color.