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    Branding campaign with logo, product design, promotion materials for an invented trail running shoe
For my education in graphic design, I had to develop a branding campaign. I created a trail running shoe with sophisticated technologies to raise the runners' performance and decrease negative forces for the body when running on uneven pavements. The idea of designing the logo was to emphasize the passion which is generated when you are running along trails, through forests, natural paths or up the mountains.
The pictures you see served as my inspiration to create a brand name for my trail running shoe and to design a logo symbolizing a strong passion for nature.
Logo for my trail running shoe with the brand name "Green Wings"
Logo with claim "Offroad with passion"
The trail running shoe model itself is called "Offroad Racer"
Shoe design with visual highlights in green
Announcement in a sports magazine
Four-pages flyer for information and promotion purposes
The testimonials wear sports collections in the characteristic "Green Wings" style (photoshop manipulations).
"Green Wings" sports shop and promotion days to analyze clients's needs, preferences and performances.
T-shirt design in "Green Wings" style