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    A collection of my "1 Shot Renders".
During my learning process i designed a lot of "1 Shot Render Projects". These will be placed in this Project, because it is quite useless to add them all to seperate projects. Hope you like these renders.
A Test render with all options added, i have used HDRI Imaging and qualitative textures. Still don't believe i made this!
A modern design house, which i was realy focused on the use of textures.
The same modern house, but a closerview of the bricks and alluminium edges.
A modern house which really was usefull for learning night renders.
A night render of the modern house.
Working with Photoshop to spice up the end images.
A wintersday first rendered in Sketchup and then edited in Photoshop
Patio setup with huge window-doors
Night render of the patio
Concept design for a very modern bed-and-breakfast
Clear texturing and playing with light textures and IES lighting.
The night variation with all IES lighting active.
Appartment building by day
Appartment building by evening
Conceptual Design of a new-building project located in Rotterdam.
Conceptual streetview Design of a new-building project located in Rotterdam.