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    © Isabel Jimenez 2013.
Speak Easy
hosted by Yorango
A party set in the 1920s.  The young folk, thick in protest over the newly-passed Eighteenth Amendment, congregate in secret establishments.  Glasses are raised to the tune of new jazz.  The rugs are rolled back and the women hike up the skirts of their drop-waist dresses, spats defiantly clattering on the floor, strings of pearls bouncing to the beat of the Charleston, drunk on bootlegged spirits and the dawn of steel, aviation in its infancy, the roar of the early automobile, the thrill and glamour of life.  
The Speak Easy party took place on January 26th with a change of venue to the more spacious South Baker Lounge.  Yorango CEO Adam Kirsch funded the event and enlisted the help of various associates to prepare a night of cards, swing dancing, virgin mint juleps, and old vinyl records for the attendees.