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    A Typography project on social standards and acceptance.
Push - A Typography Project
To create a typeface using only a a circle grid and designed around a simple word. 
Students were asked to explore the word and all of its meanings and design the typeface to what they understood that word to be best.  Students then had to recreate the typeface as an installation or in real life and then photograph it. I was assigned the word PUSH.
I used a young, naked female as my model and painted the typeface onto her bare body in red to represent holes in her being. I then surrounded her with black lines and marks such as you see in plastic surgery patients and used the hands of some other models to imply the force of others judgement making those marks upon her body as if to say that they dictate the standards instead of the subject. 
My concept was that of people having the feeling of being push by others or by society into acting or appearing to be a certain way. My idea of plastic surgery to create the perfect ideal of what society wanted was interpreted in the typeface by removing import parts of the structure to convey the lack or completion or not being a compete or whole person. This was because of the feeling people assume when they do not live up to social standards. I wanted to show that you do not have to submit yourself to the ideals of society to become who you are or the best you. You shouldn't have to alter your person to 'fit in'. You are beautiful as you are.