D'ont forget ~ATOMIC MILK !!~
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    ATOMIC MILK is the private short film project in JAPAN.
Dont forget ~ ATOMIC  MILK~ !!   the project started 2010.  its  my  private animation., the  boy
DEMITORY lost his the lower half of the body .the body created the 3D .and  the upper half of body
created  2D . its  the precondition for me. It s  difficult  for me to be rotated . its  not  easily.
but its just  the world !
Demitory  decided  to  start  the  desperate quest of his father  with only and tiny hope to deliver some milk.
Many people say to the kid , `` The milk is polluted ..but we...its accepted `` The kid dont believe it.
The kid  DEMITORY  dont believe it.
It is because the milk was extracted from the  SISTER COW.  Sister cow  live in the  small box .looks like
a  Household Shinto altar .

Contamination !?  I dont  believe it  !! . The  power  of  the  SISTER COW  is  fresh !!
A boy continued walking along the city limits.  The sound ..Noise sound....It is the sound which tampers with a machine .
His name is POTOF. he is a Bomb disposal crew .
And  his boss ... VENDOR.   I  think  ..his  head  looks  like  a  Pickled plum . He has given the command but
Why am I?   I am sad.
The daughter who saw in the town.. her name  is  KISST ..I dont know  why .. Why   Her   For me   Probably, it smiled.
It does not always understand.......Also my body....... Also my world and my heart........