I had met a client who was a neo romantissm piantist who wanted a logo for his up and coming cds. I actually had the chance to listen to his music and it was very smooth and elegant new age music. I wanted the logo to have the same feeling to it. 
Various types of music notes/ symbols.
His original idea was something to do with just music notes. I thought that was a little to ordinary. When he told me a little bit more about himself he told me that his nick name was dragon fly. I had my direction with combinding my clien'ts nick name with his passion. 
Examples of early stage.
If I get in a mental block in the middle of a project I actually do some art relating to the subject to inspire me to keep going. I also do a little research on the subject for instance, the dragon fly has over 5,000 different types of species and are considered one of  the fastest insects in the world. 
At this point I started breaking down the music symbols more by just tracing certain parts. Deciding that this doodle didn't have enough information from the original symbol that it came from I incorporated the entire cleft symbol into the logo itself. 
Using different mediums for thickness and comparison. 
The final product. Graceful and elegant my client was happy with his new symbol.