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    LCC toilet guide map for students
Graphic design / information design London college of communication year 1
Toilet project For Lcc students
This project is the first collaboration project at London College of Communication. The project brief is to make a map which is related to London. The project includes essential elements: It must:
1/ Be a London guidebook
2/ Be an A3 double-sided print
3/ Use only two colours
4/ Fold up.
​             ​             ​             ​             ​             ​             ​             ​           ​             
- Works with Riho and Mandy     
Outcome  For all LCC students.
The project will be a toilet guide for all students. The London College of Communication building is complex. Often visitors or freshers cannot find a toilet there easily. Therefore, this blue and black map for all LCC students will be very useful.
1/ Exploration
Basically, LCC ( London college of communiction, London ) building consists of 4 blocks.
1. Media block / 4 floors
2. Tower block / 12 floors
3. Design block / 4 floors
4. Workshop / 3floors 
! Toilet placement is irregular
2/ Understanding
all the toilets and then give marks with 4 criterias on each block
3/ Process
we Inspired from typical toilet blue tiles and made a toilet castle. Handmade to graphic conversion
Thanks for watching! 
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