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    Lodis Costco box, hangtag, pallet.
I worked on a Lodis handbag test sale for Costco. It includes a gift box for a handbag, hang tag and a pallet skirt. As this is a high-end product with a corresponding price tag, we needed a sleek box that matches the quality of the handbag.The box is sturdy, wrapped in black paper with gold foil lettering.

As well, we liked the idea of the box being not only a display piece for the handbag, but also a gift box for the upcoming holiday season. This is why is has an open display for the customer to see, touch and open the bag, with a lid to use as a gift box. A small hangtag shows off the interior features of the bag. The pallet skirt grabs your attention in the busy warehouse setting with a striking lifestyle image.