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    November 2012 - January 2013 - second year uni live brief - promoting Bagel Nash's products other than bagels to young professionals
A live brief focused on rebranding/refocusing Bagel Nash towards selling its products other than bagels to young professionals. My strategy aims to both boost awareness of Bagel Nash’s products other than bagels, and provide the target audience with an incentive to engage with these products by relating to their lifestyles and habits using a 4-part plan.
1. Cake and treat delivery system catering to workplaces of local young professionals
This delivery system would focus on local companies which employ recent graduates or host graduate schemes. The system would deliver ‘treats’ – cakes, coffees and smoothies – to the workplace, to expand the young professional workers’ views of Bagel Nash being solely a ‘bagel shop’.
Treat delivery from Bagel Nash would allow young professional workers to receive healthy but satisfying treats to their desk without the hassle and time of leaving work and locating such items. The target demographic are generally health conscious, and the option to have both traditional and healthier treats delivered to their desk would be received well in contrast to junky snacks often consumed in the workplace. One example of a specialised usage of the delivery system would be birthdays or other recurring events where you would be expected to bring in your own birthday cake - pre-ordering a delivery would save time in this respect. Deliveries could be ordered as one offs or as a recurring monthly/yearly delivery.
2. Give each Bagel Nash location a personality and experience, and highlight their benefits
All of the stores are different in both size, layout and type of customer. In order to draw in the young professional crowd to see Bagel Nash as more than just a ‘to-go’ bagel seller as they currently do, each store should be given its own personality and ‘experience’ to promote to the prospective visitor.  Using their locations and surrounding amenities as benefits will often relate to the young professional’s interests, lives and habits. For example: The Light’s gym and cinema are both highly popular with this demographic, and offers for items other than bagels displayed in store in relation to these activities could boost sales of these other products.
3. Direct promotion to the workplace – complimentary treat delivery and promotion of in-store experience
Sending out a number of complimentary deliveries to target workplaces containing a sampler of Bagel Nash’s other products – cakes, coffees and smoothies – as a mid-morning/afternoon surprise treat on their desks would hopefully start to engage them in the products available. In the packs along with the treats would be informational booklets highlighting that ‘There’s more to us than just bagels’ – this would include a menu of every other product available in store and for delivery; a map, showing the chosen workplace in relation to nearby Bagel Nash stores; an explanation of what the box is, where to get more of them, and a QR code and text link to the website; and location-specific vouchers to promote how Bagel Nash and it’s offerings can fit into the young professionals’ lifestyles.
4. App to further encourage exploring Bagel Nash’s non-bagel products, locations and delivery
An accompanying app will be advertised in store and in the complementary delivery boxes to target the young professional and involve Bagel Nash in their everyday lives in a digital format. The option of ordering treats from your phone, or checking recommended offers could boost awareness and therefore purchases of non-bagel products.
(scribble illustrations and logo courtesy of Magpie Communications Leeds from current branding for Bagel Nash)