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    Web Application developed for Extended Care Consulting, LLC.
This spreadsheet-like interface features “click-to-edit” functionality from Scriptaculous, editing data directly on the server. Reports may be generated by using the PDF buttons to maintain print layout quality across different browsers.
This is an example of on-the-fly graph generation using live data. This graph was generated in PHP using the pChart library (with some customization/bug-fixes).
This is another example of on-the-fly graph generation with live data.
This is another (fairly complex) example of on-the-fly graph generation with live data.
I developed this simple UI to select a monthly report.

        • Reports in the future are marked “[N/A].”
        • Reports not yet created are dim.
        • Hovering the cursor makes the button brown.
I developed this UI to enter a complex report. To keep the interface simple, I used CSS tabs and expandible fields for progressive disclosure. Some entered values will open more fields on the form if needed.