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    Poster, invitation and catalog design of Hot December, a photography exhibition
Hot December
About the project
Kelma is a one year old, self-funded initiative based in Alexandria, Egypt that mainly works on promoting culture and art.
Hot December is the outcome exhibition of Kelma's 7 month photography workshop with the amazing Alexandrian photographer and film maker Mohamad El-Hadidi and 8 young aspiring photographers.
The Exhibition is themed after the iconic 90s Egyptian movie "Ice-cream fi Gleem" directed by Khairy Bishara
Having watched the movie in a an Alexandrian movie theater in the early 90s as a kid; working on the exhibition's print material was kinda nostalgic, some scenes where still stuck in the back of my head and I was set out to iconize those scenes visually.
After 2 rounds of trials exploring some of the iconic scenes and visuals in the movie (the leather jacket with the ice-cream pin, the JAWA motorbike, the sunglasses floating in the water from the final scene, etc...) we all agreed to an option driven from the outfit "Seif" wore in the final scene as he sang with his band by the beach in Gleem, a classic 90s high waist black jeans and a stripped tshirt.