A Story driven Adventure Game  : Project M
Through virtual reality, we want to create worlds where people can emotionally connect with digital AI characters and feel comforted, and expand boundaries of communications
beyond our imaginations.

At a high school graduation ceremony, a white chrysanthemum flower is left on top of an empty, vacant seat amongst the students receiving their diploma. The white chrysanthemum flower is forever engraved in Ian’s memories, a period to his last day of high school.

Ten years later, Ian is working as an agent for the resistance against a giant corporation that is a threat to humanity and he is killed in an explosion during a secret operation. Instead of being greeted by the reaper, Ian opens his eyes, only to find himself 10 years back into the past in high school.

The only thing Ian can remember is the white chrysanthemum flower he saw on the last day of high school. The grieving pain is the only feeling Ian remembers, nothing from his past, his friends, the accident, every memory has slipped away.

Is it a side effect of returning to the past? Or is it some mysteries power intervening? Will Ian be able to learn why he returned to the past and change the course of his past and future?
Interview Film
Project M - Beginner's benefit. (Song by Hana Band)
Costume Design
Our Charactors
Through cutting-edge technology and constant R&D,
EVR STUDIO strives to create believable digital AI humans
that people can emotionally connect with.
Digital Human 3D Scan

A facial scan system is the first solution towards creating the perfect digital human in a real-time engine. We built our own scan system that enables us to scan a person’s face at the highest resolution and quality, estimated at 100 times more precise compared to photogrammetry. We can extract physically based textures such as diffuse, specular, and normal maps from a subject.

Our scan resolution is estimated at 100 times more precise compared to photogrammetry.
Skin detail is scanned at 20 micrometer precision. In other words, detail equivalent to 1 billion polygon mesh is scanned and reflected to our model in real-time within the game engine.
Facial Capture system
Performance Capture Pipeline
Our performance capture pipeline includes a recording system that records facial, body motion, and voice simultaneously, keeping visual and audio data in sync on our server.
Heavy volume of data is sorted and stored based on each take to maximize data management efficiency.
This allows us to preview data on the spot when needed through Unreal Engine.
Our internal facial rig is based on Facial Action Coding System,
tailored to accommodate ergonomic muscle movement,
which allows us to apply the accurately measured extension
and contraction data of the skin from unique details of
an individual’s expressions to real-time characters.
VFX process
Enviroment Work

Project M