Save the acorn!

Squirrels can’t find 90% of acorns they hide. As time goes, hidden acorns sprout and make a thick forest. This game is designed using this habit of squirrel. As squirrels expand the acorn forest, a squirrel which has the biggest acorn forest wins the game at last.


1. This game is an even game which 2 or 4 people can play.
    This game is to pack triangle chip on the territory with the sum of two dices.
    (A triangle chip can be exchanged with 5 acorn chips.)

2. You can make your territory to satisfy all conditions written on the territory by turning round chip inside out.

3. When a territory has 6 chips, the player who has more chips can fix his flag on that territory.

4. Finally the player who has the most flags wins the game by making bigger forest.


Positive Chip
- To find out acorns hidden by the other squirrels
- To find out golden acorn

Negative Chip
- To damage the forest
- To collect acorns of human
- Worn-eaten acorns

Rest Chip
- Appearance of King Squirrel (they have ranking system and they hide acorns when the King Squirrel appears.)
- Hibernation card

Thank you!

Save the arcorn!