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    A Letterpress papercraft model of a printing press
Founded on an incredible amount of hard work, mostly from humans, The Distillery can also attribute much of its success to one of its more mechanical team members. His name was Wolfgang – a 1959 Heidelberg Windmill Press that was rescued and restored from an old printing office in Chippendale. Lovingly fed and oiled, he found himself in a family of passionate designers with a love for all things paper and print.
In October 2011, The Distillery launched as commercial print and design studio to Sydney. In Wolfgang’s honour, Wolfgang Jr was created – a paper model of our beloved press that would hopefully inspire the same respect we have for him in others. It was a long process of creating prototypes, measuring down to the millimetre, a (ironically) challenging print on Wolfgang himself and final round of laser cutting. In the end it seemed only appropriate to share a little Wolfgang to as many as possible, and spread the love for letterpress that we had found with him.
Produced under the direction of The Distillery.
Wolfgang Jr. won a 2012 AGDA Award