Nausea – Website & VR Experience

Nausea is a webGL experience. It’s an extract from the novel “La Nausée” by Jean-Paul Sartre. It is an interactive and contemplative website. The user becomes the main character. He sees through the character's eyes, and interacts with the surrounding environment.

Project Designed by Kim Baschet & Hugo Maury.
Developed by Thomas Boulongne & Antonin Riviere.

In the experience, the user is sitting on a bench in the park. In the beginning, space seems empty. With his cursor, the user materializes elements around & unlocks the chapters. There are 4 chapters: the tree, the fountain, the statue and the gazebo. It illustrates the growing awareness of the existence all around the main character of the book.

Website's identity tends to show the philosophical questioning, the anxiety of become conscious of the existence of things. Serif font reveals the literary side of the experience. Also it reminds the two states of the character: unaware then aware.
The interface is designed for VR. The cursor is like a viewfinder. The user can move it with his PC mouse or by turning his head. This is a subjective point of view.
Besides, all the 3D models are low-poly (to optimize the website).

Nausea – Website & VR Experience