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    My sketching laboratory in the end of the XXth Century. Long before our nowadays Social Networks, a Human Social Network existed...
Special request. I was kindly asked to share those sketches made in the XXth century during my Publife in Geneva.
I considered flanagan's Irish Pub as my laboratory where I received imediate feedback. Hundreds of beermats were created, most of them were put up on the wall behind the bar on three rows but the better ones were given away for a pint or just dissappeared in the pockets of the staff... ;)
Some of those ideas grew up as to become illustrations or paintings. Some people I met there opened me the door for UN graphic design jobs (Hi & tks Ellen!)
Social Network before internet ...

All those cartoons are garantied hand-made at "Flanagan's Irish Pub" in Geneva during a period we could easily set as 1994-2000. This handycraft is typical of the traditional boredom found in such Public Houses when folks start trying to make sentences while and after happy-hour.
Ink on regular beer mats, 12x12cm.
These were refused... I got them back in a yellow envelope the day after with a black look and... "- You really show no respect !"