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    Poster commissioned by Greenpeace NZ to promote the 2013 tour of the Rainbow Warrior
I had the privilege of designing the poster promoting the 2013 tour of the new Rainbow Warrior.
I was inspired by the great graphic designer and typographer Cassandre, and aimed to convey the history, future, and fight of the storied Rainbow Warrior. There are two versions, a limited-run offset print, and the street version you may see around town. The typeface in the limited version is Graphik by Christian Schwartz, and for the street version I used Jockey by Type Together.
Limited-edition version
Street version
Unused concept
This was the second, unused concept. The design is based on a Māori design motif called the triple twist, which represents cultures coming together and infinite cycles. This motif is used as the aerial view of the wake of the Rainbow Warrior.