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    Think 4m X 1m Foam, vinyl sticker & digital prints Bertrand Lim, Joel Ling, Nico Tan 2012 - Think before you Speak
Mix Media,
92cm X 440cm X 12cm
Bertrand Lim, Nico Tan, Joel Ling
Typographic Installation inspired by Mencius philosophy: 说出去的话就象泼出去的水
Speaking is a natural way for us to convey our thoughts. The act of it is simple yet powerful. We may speak without thinking, hurting the people around us. As the saying goes, “You cannot take back spoken words”, hurtful words become irreversible ramifications, causing regret. Therefore we must always be wary of the consequences of our words and be tactful with our thoughts.
Just like the act of speaking, our interaction with the environment feels like an incessant repetition; a cycle.
We become absorbed into our habits and overlook the small details. Similarly, in our natural act of speaking,
we may neglect the process of thinking. Thus “THINK” invites you to pause and ponder before you start your daily routine.
Think before you speak.