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Ambiguity II
Johnny Kerr

      Ambiguity is a sustained investigation of Antoine Predock's Nelson Fine Arts Center in Tempe, Arizona. Part II continues where my first project left off a couple years ago. 

      While pleased with my original Ambiguity portfolio, I was also bothered by the imbalance between the many compositions featuring the sky versus the few that concentrated on elements below the horizon (Twenty-Six Windows, for example). The lack of a conceptual bridge between the sky-less shots and the rest of the portfolio made them seem like an afterthought, but they were an integral part of my process and vision for this subject.

      Thus, my return to this marvelous building was driven by the desire to capture more of these sky-less shots that explore the relationships between Predock's many groupings of small, square windows and other architectural details. I was also excited for the challenge of finding new sky compositions featuring fresh design solutions that weren't a regurgitation of what I'd already done in the first portfolio. 

      Although this project is presented in two parts on Behance, I am excited to finally present Ambiguity as one complete series, no longer lacking. The whole series can be viewed on my website, or you can bounce between the two portfolios here on Behance to get a feel for the stages of development that brought it to this point.

      Some images have titles that reveal the metaphor or concept that inspired their creation. Other observations did not readily lend a title so I did not try to force it. If you enjoy these images, feel free to share your thoughts as I always love to hear what alternative metaphors my abstract images invoke in the eye of the beholder.

Over the Palace Wall
In The Fold
Origami 2
Origami 3
W is for Wall
Faux Skyline
Nineteen Windows
Seven Windows
Twenty-Five Windows
Twelve Windows
Twenty-Eight Windows
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Ambiguity II

Ambiguity II

An abstract photographic study of Antoine Predock's Nelson Fine Arts Center in Tempe, Arizona.