Heart of a Lio - Gatorade
Heart of a Lio - Gatorade

Color keys, matte painting and other designs I did at Gizmo Animation Studio, for the latest Gatorade short film about Lionel Messi. Done under the supervision of directors Ema Verruno, Flamboyant Paradise and Nico Presas, and lighting supervisor Paolo Giordana. A great experience with the amazing team of CG artists, producers and directors at Gizmo.
Final piece by Gizmo.
Color keys done for the piece. A great experience, being supported by lighting supervisor Paolo Giordana.
Final approaches on character design, finding correct proportions and geometrical shapes on Lio's face. Created over previous designs by Ariel Anabitarte and Fer Sawa.
Chalkboard drawing with plan to stop Messi.
Background buildings and trees.
Matte Paintings
360º matte painting
God of Football
Making of Heart of a Lio.
Heart of a Lio - Gatorade