Skillfeed Website
Role: Product Designer
Responsibilities: Feature design, UX design, UI design
The Challenge
Improve acquisition and retention for the subscription-based online learning marketplace.
The User
• Millenials, Gen Xers, and Boomers
• Interested in learning new skills – often for work
• Goal-oriented
• Look for guidance
The Solution
1. Personalize the acquisition process
2. Create a goal-driven experience to retain the goal-oriented target
Personalizing the acquisition process
Instead of driving to a generic "About Skillfeed" page, each topic has its own landing page—allowing search engines to send users directly to content related to their needs.
If users are not signed in, each landing page provides a summary of Skillfeed's benefits to entice signing up.
Creating a goal-driven experience
Videos are grouped into collections that ladder up to the completion of a project or goal (i.e. how to create a website).
All progress is tracked to encourage users to continue.
Challenges, contests and badges also keep users motivated.