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Dreamseeds Arts Festival 2017: Finding Futurenova
Dreamseeds Arts Fest celebrates the creative pursuits and explorations of Club Rainbow (Singapore)’s brightest beneficiaries. This year’s theme of “Finding Futurenova” explores the powers of imagination and follows a group of intrepid explorers as they embark on a space journey and eventually reach Futurenova, the planet of dreams. The design extends from the narrative of the four protagonists and the landscapes of their journey featuring prominently across the festival collaterals. Fluorescent colours and pixellation were also employed to project vibrant dreamscapes that are futuristic, imaginative and engaging. The rendering of the animated characters and an accompanying video game following the storyline were also designed for additional interactivity.

Client: Club Rainbow (Singapore)
Year: 2017
Creative Direction: Melvin Tan
Project Management: Samantha Yap
Animation & Game Development: Darryl Lim
Design: Geraldine Peck, Hannah Teo

"Finding Futurenova" Console Game
"Campaign Video" Dreamseeds Arts Fest
Dreamseeds Arts Festival 2017: Finding Futurenova