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《撲克王國 精品咖啡禮盒》將種類繁複的咖啡「種類」「風味」、「產地」、「焙度」及「處理法」,透過「撲克牌」的分類概念,從產地(土)、氣候(風)、烘豆(火)、沖煮(水),融合土、風、火、水等四大元素,同時將諸多數據及資訊視覺化,使消費者能夠輕鬆、簡單的享受喜愛的咖啡。

POKER KINGDOM COFFEE is a system of classification which makes complicated information about coffee like types, flavors, origin, roasting levels and processing methods sorted by the idea of poker. We have also visualized numerous information and figures to help consumers choose the coffee they like intuitively and easily.


The upper lid of the gift box has been decorated by “the totem of coffee”. Gold tooling technique has been applied to build up “the wall of the kingdom of best coffee”, and high-density fibrous paper has been chosen for the product. The application of the wasting materials of the fir forest has reduced the stress on the local environment which also expresses the charm of natural Hokkaido on the paper perfectly. The natural materials applied are easy to decompose which also interpret the coffee grounds made in grinding process.

The upper lid of the gift box.


“Black” and “Red”, the classic colors of poker cards are applied to the featured colors of the four square boxes with four poker suits. The suits are shown at the top of the boxes by gold tooling technique.

Four square boxes with four poker suits.
The boxes by gold tooling technique.

禮盒底部外盒印刷 Pantone 871U 金色,象徵種植咖啡豆的肥沃黃金土地,並重複疊印,增加金色厚實感。插畫使用黃金比例計算及分割,四種花色分別代表咖啡豆的處理技術(註1),從外形、顏色及主題故事,結合咖啡相關元素,呈現最佳的幾何視覺。

The Pantone 871U has been applied to the outer box of the gift box which represents the golden ground growing the coffee trees. aqueous coating and overprinting techniques have been applied to the box to make the golden color greater. The golden ratio and the golden cut have been used to make the illustrations, The four suits represent the four processing methods individually (see Supplementary Information for the detailed information). The best geometric appearance is successfully built up by the form, the colors, the stories and the elements of coffee.

Poker kingdom drip coffee manual by gold tooling technique.
Poker kingdom drip coffee manual.

Supplementary Information(註1)

黑桃:魔法王國 MAGICAL FLAME,代表元素「火」,專業烘焙技術,烘焙出溫暖人心的咖啡 。
Spades: The Kingdom of Magic, the Elemental: Salamander. Master roasting technique, To roast the great coffee which warms up people's hearts.

愛心:藝術王國 ART OASIS,代表元素「水」,精良沖煮技術,沖泡出濃郁香醇的咖啡。
Hearts: The Kingdom of Art, the Elemental: Undine. (A female spirit or nymph inhabiting water)
Master brewing technique, To brew the coffee with mellow fragrance.

鑽石:科技王國 GOLDEN Φ WIND,代表元素「風」,獨特調配技術,調配出黃金比例的咖啡。
Diamonds: The Kingdom of Technology, the Elemental: Sylph. Unique mixing technique, To mix the coffee at the golden ratio.

梅花:自然王國 TERROIR,代表元素「土」,優秀種植技術,孕育出純粹上等的咖啡。
​​​​​​​Clubs: The Kingdom of Nature, the Elemental: Gnome. Excellent planting technique, To cultivate the purest wonderful beans.

⻤牌:「光明」與「黑夜」,香醇、濃厚和迷人的香氣,使咖啡貓神前來珍藏,光明牌象徵著「日曬咖啡貓神的腳步 The Trace of God Cat 」,黑夜牌象徵著「晚摘咖啡貓神的凝視 The Gaze of God Cat」。
Jokers: “Brightness” and “Darkness” , the thick, attractive and mellow fragrance lets God Cat come to ask. The “Brightness” represents “Natural processed beans: The Trace of God Cat”, and the “Darkness” represents “Picked-in-Night Beans: The Gaze of God Cat”.

人生如戲,創造精彩的故事,放寬與世界同寬的視野,夢想一點都不遙遠!從《撲克王國 精品咖啡禮盒》獲得最適合自己的一副牌組,打出一手華麗漂亮的咖啡好牌。

​​​​​​​Get the most suitable hand cards and play as an expert by the luxurious cards.

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Project Leader: Lin Pei-Ni
Advertising: Chung Yao-Yu
Art Director: Hong Da Design Workshop
Design: Jiang Hong-Da、Chien Yu-Shu、Su I-Chan、Gu Yi
Illustration: Jiang Hong-Da、Chien Yu-Shu、Ling Yu-Rong
Photography: Mo Chien
Typeface: 文鼎字型
Print: 九水印刷
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撲克王國 精品咖啡禮盒 ​​​​​ POKER KINGDOM COFFEE

撲克王國 精品咖啡禮盒 ​​​​​ POKER KINGDOM COFFEE

POKER KINGDOM COFFEE is a system of classification which makes complicated information about coffee like types, flavors, origin, roasting levels Read More