CoMotion 2018 Title Sequence /

CoMotion is a student sponsored and organized event that brings together top industry professionals with Motion Media Design Students at the Savannah College of Art & Design. The event includes the Annual Student Showcase, panel discussions, lectures, and portfolio reviews. The goal of the event is to connect students with potential employers and prepare students for their career by offering diverse insight into the industry. 


The concept of CoMotion 2018 title sequence aims to demonstrate the connection between the creative process and the imaginative power of children. As creators, we follow a creative process that is not only mental, but also physical. We control all aspects of creation, engaging internally and externally, just as a child would naturally imagine a world to explore and adventure within. In this way, we are adult children embarking on an emotional and personal journey to find our destination; or in the case of design, our final product. This is shown through the creation of surreal, awe inspiring environments that would only appear in our imaginations. These places capture the processes of evolution and development to demonstrate the changing of ideas during the creative process. Ideas must take time to grow and develop to reach their finished form, much like nature has changed over time to become what it is today. We present how we adapt to thrive in these various environments to connect to the imaginative aspects of the creative process and the constant changes in nature and ideation. Through this project, we show the creation of these environments to convey how the constant improvement of ideas relate to evolution in these environments to result in the most effective final product. The idea  of surrealism speaks to the theme of adult children, and to the fact that our imagination is a way for us to immerse ourselves in our creative process and ideation. 


URBAN DREAMS; This is the first scene of the title sequence. The overall concept for the sequence is to show an abstracted representation of the creative process. The city represents the beginning of this process, with countless ideas and sources of inspiration surrounding the viewer. At the beginning of the creative process, it takes time to narrow down and define the start of a concept, and the journey through the city scene depicts this search. When we finally reach the first cube, it symbolizes the beginning of an idea that is shown being developed throughout all the other scenes in the title sequence. Each cube represents a new source of inspiration or development in the overall concept.

BELOW THE HORIZON; The underwater scene is speaking to the part of the creative process where you have the beginning of an idea, but things start to become a little more difficult to flesh out. Relevant inspiration and references become less obvious. The journey from the surface to the bottom of the abstract ocean setting is visualizing this continuous search. At the bottom of the ocean, we find numerous pearls which all look the same, but there is only one that stands out to the viewer; the underwater architecture and cube represent the continuous development of our concept, and show that even if worthwhile inspiration is difficult to find, you just need to keep searching deeper and deeper.

THE GARDEN OF WONDER; Once we have our sources of inspiration, we can start to look at all of the references that we have and begin to curate what we can use to develop our concept further. The forest scene is full of floating crystal islands that look very similar to one another. This scene represents choosing the fundamental characteristics from the sources we have gathered that we want to use in the development of our concept. The journey from island to island shows this curation, and the final cube in the center of the main architecture is the inspiration for the concept left over after the curation.

THE DRY SEA; At this point in the creative process, we have all of our references and sources solidified, but the concept has yet to be completely determined. We are so close, but not quite there, and we’re not sure what is holding us back. The desert scene is barren, with only a few architectural elements within a vast landscape. This scene represents the difficulty of refining our concept from the sources that we have. When the beams of light come from the architectures to meet in the middle and reveal the desert cube, this is symbolizing our epiphany. We have finally found the piece of inspiration that we can use to define our concept.

SILENT GLACIERS; After searching through our references and having done all the preliminary concepting techniques, we have finally defined our concept. Now we have numerous ideas of what we could do flooding our minds, but we have to decide which is the best one. The tundra scene symbolizes all of these ideas falling around us, and we are on a journey to find the best, most developed one. The snow falling represents these ideas, and the viewer is transported around in search of the best way to execute the concept. We linger on a few falling snowflakes that represent the potential choices; but the snow continues to fall until we finally find the snowflake that contains the tundra cube. This is the final choice in how we are going to execute our concept.

THE BEGINNING OF THE JOURNEY; The cave represents the culmination of the creative process. All of our sources of inspiration, curation, and our decision on how to execute the concept come together to form the final product. Each of the cubes has a pedestal in which it is going to rest upon, unlocking the final idea/concept. The cubes will then rise into the air and come together, revealing the logo of CoMotion. The scene uncovers that the concept of the title sequence has been the development of CoMotion itself.