Deliver your content with this fresh and crisp take on the OnePlus 6.
Perfect for showing off your themes, apps, and photos on this beautifully crafted display.
Created to pixel perfection using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

2 variants available:
Full Size is 3000px which fits the full 2280x1080px resolution of the OnePlus 6.
Web version is 1870px which is perfect for sharing on the web such as Google Play Store or social media platforms.

Comes with editable backgrounds and Smart Objects, just paste your screens in and export.

Also includes an optional adjustment layer to ensure your screens always look compatible and consistent. Enjoy!
PS: I'm thinking of integrating my mockups into an app or web app so that they can be used without Photoshop, hit me up if you're keen to collab!

Thanks for stopping by :)