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    The concrete dreams of an megalomaniac dictator are still visible, just as they were poured into concrete about 70 years ago.

Tigerstellung Terschelling, Berta Bunker in 2018.
Tigerstellung Terschelling, G9 Bunker in 2018
Tigerstellung Terschelling, a lone barb wire pole in 2018.
Tigerstellung Terschelling, brick trench to an Tobruk bunker in 2018.
3 Kochbunkers at Fort aan de Buursteeg, Renswoude in 2018
The Cube, Fort aan de Buursteeg, Renswoude in 2018.
The Big One: Fort aan de Buursteeg, Renswoude in 2018.
The Concrete Cave, Fort aan de Buursteeg, Renswoude in 2018.
Tigerstellung Terschelling, an study in concrete 2018.
Tigerstellung Terschelling,
 a Tobruk bunker shows the one thing the regime that build it wanted to destroy: Love. 
Because they feared love, they feared compassion. Because love and compassion are not feelings of weakness, but of amazing power. He (or she) who harnesses love and compassion will persevere.
Short trailer for the project.
CONCRETE. is my latest project, i am still working on it actually!
Coming back here after a while is thus advised. :)

The goal of this project is to capture the concrete ideas of an megalomaniac dictator, part of an idealogy so great that half of the world had to be made part of it by brute force. The dictator is gone, death we presume. But his concrete dream of protecting his abstract and absurd worldview still stand, as a reminder that the death of an dictator doesn't mean his ideas are death...