J. Carlos Loureiro. Architect
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    Book Design, for one of the living legends of Architecture in Portugal. Publisher: Caleidoscopio, Lisbon
Before the projects, a few words!
It is not worthless certainly, to remind the dear readers who are willing to flip through this book with some patience, that all started in 1949 (62 years ago), during a time when being "modernist" was an almost dangerous adventure. Therefore, do not make comparisons with the latest trends in contemporary architecture. Be strict but sympathetic, as it was a time when there was not a lot of information, the paths to a different architecture were being open, and new materials and new technologies were being invented. The convictions that followed and still persist today remained in my long career.
The strongest is that architecture is made to serve the people. It is an attitude of great respect for others, for human beings, humbleness.
J. Carlos Loureiro
Projects 1949-2012