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    walls and murals
Jazz in a freetimes"
with Chazme, Lump and Sainer
Szczecin (Poland) 2010
with Chazme, Nawer and Roem
Warsaw (Poland) 2011
with Chazme, Bezt, Sainer, Pain
in Bydgoszcz (Poland) 2010
in Warsaw (Poland) 2011
"Sweet Dreams"
with Chazme and Lump
in Szczecin (Poland) in front of 'Galaxy' market center...
Wall awarded by ARTAQ URBAN ART AWARD 2011 (France)
with Chazme
in Gniezno (Poland) 2010
with Chazme
in Gorzów Wlkp. (Poland) 2012
with Chazme
in Katowice (Poland) 2011
in Kluczbork (Poland) 2011
in Kluczbork (Poland) 2012
in Kluczbork (Poland) 2012
in Krężel (Poland) 2012
in Piaseczno (Poland) 2011
"Sky hunter"
with Chazme
in Warsaw(Poland) 2010
with Chazme
in Warsaw(Poland) 2010
"Don Kichote"
with Chazme
in Sarogossa (Spain) 2011
on SEXTO ASALTO Festival
in Jaremcze (Ukraine) 2012
on Black Circle Fest
in Jaremcze (Ukraine) 2012
on Black Circle Fest
with Otecki
in Gdynia(Poland) 2012
in Warsaw (Poland) 2012
"Trojan Horse"
with Chazme ans Lump
in Szczecin (Poland) 2011
with Chazme in Łódź (Poland) 2011
"Flickle Fortune"
with Chazme718
mural in Bydgoszcz 2013
"Black Circle IV"
Underground festival in Sheshory (Ukraine)
"Jaki kraj taki John Wayne"
mural in Kluczbork on abandoned sawmil