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    Brief overview on the steps taken to develop the planets in the Disney Galaxy.
First, a series of shots are taken to create an equirectangular panorama. There are usually 10 - 12 shots with 8 being a panorama you see above, with the extra shots including the sky and floor.
Next, these shots are combined into the final blended shot. During this phase, items are retouched, gaps are filled and the image is enhanced.
We will also do some final color retouching, tone mapping and other enhancements based around the creative brief for the shoot. Since this is part of a larger series, we boost the saturation in these shots to emphasize the fantasy character of the destination.
From there, we can create a QTVR movie for use on the web and inclusion in our iOS applications. This is a static screenshot of the movie, since Behance does not support QTVR files.
The real fun, however, is the development of our tiny planets, or planospheres as some calle them. There is a fantastical quality to these types of images and they work well for the destination tourism markets due to their dreamlike qualities and otherwordly appearance. It can really emphasize the uniqueness of a destination when represented in this fashion.