Altium Vault. Teaser
This is a teaser announcing a new version of Altium Vault.
I did a variety of tasks on this project from scratch: idea, concept, modeling, animation, rendering, compositing. 
Tools: Cinema 4d, Octane render, After Effects.

The reality is you're like millions of other engineers still doing what's broken rather than what's better. What if you could introduce automation for many of these tasks without changing the way you work? If you think you know Altium Vault it's time to take a fresh look. Your designs are only as good as the components that go into them. Trust in your design data and release with confidence using management solutions that aid your creative design process rather than hinder it.
Countless hours of development and feedback from individual engineers has led to a product made for you. Altium Vault prioritizes the creative process with innovative technology to give you more control over your design data.