Pick Right Moving Boxes for Residential Move
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How to Pick Right Moving Boxes for Residential Move
The difficulty in moving is pretty much related to size and scope of the moving process. One of the things that you will need to take into consideration is picking the right moving boxes. You can get information about picking the right moving boxes from your moving company but having this information beforehand can help you make smart decisions. Having that said, below are some tips regarding choosing right moving boxes.
How durable are the boxes?
You can go for the free grocery boxes which you can ask for at the nearby grocery stores.  However, one of the drawbacks of using such boxes is that these boxes are not quite durable. Hence, it could be the wrong idea to pack your valuable items in such boxes.

In order to get the strong and durable moving boxes, you can contact your moving company. Boxes with double-lined walls are great for this purpose. For the delicate items like glass, you can go for the wooden crates.
How big should be the boxes?
Generally, you are going to need boxes of different sizes for packing. Grocery boxes are generally 1.5 cubic feet in size and these boxes are ideal to store items like books and knickknacks. However, you are going to need larger boxes for other types of items. Most of the items in the kitchen require boxes of 3 cubic feet. For the items which are bulky such as pillows and linens fit comfortably in 4.5 cubic feet boxes.

Apart from the size, type of boxes is another thing that you will need to take into consideration. Dishes and fine china can be packed in dish-pack. A dish-pack comes with dividers which offer great protection to every piece kept in it.

For bigger appliances, you will need 6.0-cubic-foot boxes. You may even need larger boxes for larger items. Measure the size of appliances in order to bring boxes of accurate size according to your needs.
The number of boxes
You may wonder how many boxes you are going to need during the move. Well, it all depends upon the number of items you are going to pack. Generally, a roomful of items is going to need 20 to 25 boxes for packing the items. Number of people living in your home and the items you own are the other factors which you will need to consider while deciding about the number of boxes you need to have.

One thing that you should focus on before moving is downsizing. Although you are going to move the items you are going to need, you should consider selling, donating or getting rid of the items you think you are not going to need in the new home.