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    Distributed dynamic light control system for club\restoraunt
​​​​​​​Architecture lights control system was developed for "INSIGHT" restaurant and nightclub located in the OKO skyscraper, at the height of 354 meters. Ultimate setup includes about 1200 individually controlable LED fixtures over more than 1,000 sq. m of club space. As a part of complex multimedia solution, system designed to change percеption of space totally.
System design meets client highest demand in flexibility . Preprogrammed scenarios transforms space across the day and night in sync with multimedia solutions. In Club mode control over whole space could be forwarded to Grand MA Lighting console for perfect light show management.

Distributed control system includes 15 custom designed electrical cabinets which were built and installed across the club.  The whole system splits to several control layers by means of zones autonomy and central control in the same time. 

Made in PITCH 
System design and architecture: Vladimir Makhnov
Commisioning: Andrey Belov
Lighting design: Ksenia Lanikina
Сable system engineering: Julia Pogorelova
Technical documentation: Oleg Savichev
Electrical cabinet manufacturing: Electro.Moscow

Moscow, 2017