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The Valley of Tall Houses: Doctor's House
“Long ago, rains were so heavy and long-lasting that people began to build tall houses to save themselves from flood. Since then, a lot of time has passed, the rainfalls have subsided, but the tradition of construction has remained.”
We are going to visit the Valley of Tall Houses.
And we will start with the Doctor's House.
Residents of the house are a family of four people and a cat:
Let’s look inside. Come on, pull the walls!
Walls open with a slight finger move
“While being a student, Shawn was fond of collecting rare species of insects. This passion affected Robbie so much that he decided to continue his father's tradition. Robbie's equipment set includes four nets for catching insects, fish and birds. And another broken one.”
Oh-oh, it seems that all spiders ran away:
Attic and children's room
“In one of his journeys, Shawn met Lina. On the first date he gave her a beautiful pink starfish (you can find it down below). This impressed her so much that Lina went on with him (and with the starfish).”
Bathroom and parent's bedroom
“Lina is writing a book about the history of all the houses of the Valley. Currently she's working on the story of the Gardener’s House. Oh, it's gonna be a wonderful story!”
Right now Lina brings tea to the groundfloor, where her husband sees patients:
Kitchen and veranda
“After graduation, Shawn traveled a lot. He always brought a souvenir from each country he'd visited. The collection has already filled the whole house. Looks like some kind of souvenir house rather than a doctor's house.”
“The doctor sees patients in the study on the groundfloor. There are so many interesting things in there that people often make an appointment just to look around.”
“You can float paper boats downstream sending messages to dwellers of the neighboring houses.”
Speaking of the other houses, there will be six more of them:
All houses will be collected into a book. A book for kids, but also interesting for adults. Because it is about living and housing arrangement in a small space.
It will be awesome!
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The Valley of Tall Houses: Doctor's House

The Valley of Tall Houses: Doctor's House

This is one of the pages in a book telling and showing a story of people living in tall cozy houses.

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