Star Wars Battlefront II: Campaign
My team at EA Motive were tasked with conceptualizing, writing and executing on a genuine Star Wars campaign, to complement the huge multiplayer offering being built at EA DICE, Stockholm.  As a life long fan of Star Wars and having previously worked on the Free Radical Design Star Wars Battlefront III - I was extremely honored to take the Art director position on this project.

We worked directly with senior tiers of Lucasfilm and developed everything from droids to new planets using bleeding edge photogrammetry techniques and HDR lighting techniques derived directly from cinema.  Authenticity was key so regular trips to the Lucasfilm campus in SF and to the Lucasfilm archives ensured that we remained true to the narrative and the larger Star Wars galaxy. 

During this project, my role included a broad range of tasks, from developing the look and feel of creatures, droids and characters, color guides and timelines, location reference and shooting, developing workflows, working directly with our VFX and lighting teams, approval gathering, concept art and asset creation. 

This was indeed one of my favorite and most rewarding challenges and not enough credit can go to the artists, animators, vfx, lighting and audio teams, both at DICE and EA Motive as well as our visual partners at Lucasfilm, for a flawless execution.