Student Work: UX Prototype for Transit Trip Planner
Student work from a recent User Experience Level 1 course. The assignment was to redesign a transit trip planner Web app. We brainstormed in small groups at the beginning of the project to determine desired functions. Later, I conducted Contextual Inquiry interviews with a range of power- and non-users of mass transit systems. My final individual work is this prototype below. I chose to keep the style in low-fideltiy sketch form to focus on the user experience.
The Context
For the purpose of this mockup, I assume the user is not familiar with searching for a bus route.
The Core Task 
Showing a Web app that makes it easier to search for useful bus route information and storing and managing that informtion in a way that makes using mass transit less difficult.
Created in Axure, and as an interactive Apple Keynote presentation, shown below.